Culturally Responsive Collaboration

Module Four

Culturally Responsive collaboration is about a commitment to learning from and relating respectfully to others who are both similar and different from oneself. This commitment to working across a variety of differences that participants may bring to a collaborative discussion can help groups make these differences resources for the group.

At the conclusion of this module, participants will be able to: 

  1. Reflect on the nature of difference and how differences can improve collaboration.

  2. Learn to question assumptions about others and engage with authentic curiosity.

  3. Reflect on how differences can impact power in groups and how to recognize and address power imbalances.

  4. Express beliefs with confidence and also with humility by recognizing one’s own fallibility, limitations, and socially constructed understanding.

Activity 4.1
Awareness of Social Identity

Activity 4.2
Listening to Understand

Activity 4.3
Understanding Perspectives on a Continuum

Activity 4.4
Identities & Issues Intersections

Activity 4.5
Nurturing Intentional Empathy

Activity 4.6
Asking Questions to Promote Curiosity

Activity 4.7
Recognizing Power Imbalances

Activity 4.8
Expressing Beliefs with Confidence & Humility

Activity 4.9 
Taking the Perspective of Others


This module is structured with a series of topics explored through activities. These activities give participants a chance to experience these concepts through hands on practices, often completed in small groups. Then participants reflect on their own experiences and how these skills or tools could be useful in supporting culturally responsive collaboration and thus improve overall collaborative discussion skills.