Civic Collaboration

Module Five

Civic Collaboration is when people join together to address public issues that impact their communities. Frequently, we expect people to engage in projects about community issues, but we do not always prepare them with the skills and habits needed to address the complexity and nuance of such work. This module will help participants understand how they can work with communities to create collaborative and sustainable change by weaving the social fabric and connections that exist in communities.

At the conclusion of this module, participants will be able to: 

  1. Know the types of habits and tools that shape active and engaged communities and workplaces.

  2. Understand ways to identify and work inclusively with others. 

  3. Better identify civic issues and their own civic passion.

  4. Develop a deeper recognition and appreciation for community stakeholders. 

  5. Better understand the complexities and power of communities.   

Activity 5.1
Identifying Your Civic Passion

Activity 5.2
Developing an Awareness of Stakeholders

Activity 5.3
Identifying Your Communities

Activity 5.4
Seeing Communities as Partners

Activity 5.5
Identifying the Knowledge of the Community

Activity 5.6
Building and Shifting the Discourse

Activity 5.7
Practicing Collaboration with Others

Activity 5.8
Practicing Deliberation with Others



This module is structured with a series of topics explored through activities. These activities give participants a chance to experience these concepts through hands on practices, often completed in small groups. Participants are introduced to new skills and habits while also directed to reflect on their own experiences. Through these exercises, participants develop the skills, tools, and habits needed to advance collaborative discussion. As demonstrated in this module, collaborative discussion skills are essential when engaging in civic or community-based learning and projects.