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Thinking Better Together

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The Collaborative Discussion Project

How do we think better together? How does creative, culturally responsive, and critically informed discussions help us to build stronger communities? How might collaborative discussion skills help us to prepare for careers and improve workplace dynamics? How can we discuss better together to solve sticky problems?

The Collaborative Discussion Project is an on-going experiment created by dialogue and deliberation experts, practitioners, and educators to explore these questions. The project includes 3 key components:

An open access toolkit containing intentionally designed activities to teach  collaborative discussion skills

Trainings, workshops, webinars, and community of practice gatherings led by community members 

Curated certificate programs for classrooms, communities, and workplaces

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The journey so far...

 Learning Activities
2300+ Unique Visitors
4900+ Site Sessions

80+ Certified Coaches
New Student Coach Training
Toolkit Workshops


Certificate Programs
600+ Certificates Awarded
12+ Partnering Institutions

20+ Curriculum Contributors
Weekly Newsletter
Monthly Gatherings

...and we continue to grow 


Contact Us

Want to learn more? Have ideas for collaboration? Email the Interactivity Foundation's Education Director, Shannon Wheatley Hartman, at

Interactivity Foundation Office

2930 Brookside Circle
Parkersburg, WV 26104

(304) 485-6393

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