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Certificate Program Types & Templates

Certificate programs are designed to build collaborative intelligence (CQ), which is the collection of skills and mindsets needed to work together with others to improve our classrooms, communities, and workplaces. We offer various certificate program templates and also support coaches to create their own.

Types of Certificate Programs

Certificate in Collaborative Discussion

Designed to improve collaborative participation in group discussion, this certificate track introduces participants to some of the most high impact activities in the toolkit. As a program, these activities help to advance the expansion of thinking and appreciation for deeper and meaningful inclusion.

Certificate in Collaborative Discussion: Facilitation

This certificate program introduces basic facilitation concepts and techniques. Participants will complete this program with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a facilitator. They will build specific skills and mindsets crucial for good facilitation. This program concludes by focusing on how to craft a wide range of discussion questions to help expand the discussion. All toolkit activities in this program will be uniquely modified for supporting facilitation training.

Certificate Program Design

  • These programs can be delivered in-person or online.

  • Some certificate programs are incorporated into semester long classrooms while others are delivered in shorter workshops or professional development trainings.

  • What all certificate programs have in common is the inclusion of at least 8 Collaborative Discussion Toolkit activities which are intentionally designed to practice specific skills or mindsets to improve collaborative discussion behaviors.

  • All certificate programs are focused on practicing skills, reflecting on their importance, and debriefing with others for deeper learning.

Offer your own certificate program!

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