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Certificates in Collaborative Discussion

IF Collaborative Discussion Certificates are awarded to students in classrooms, members of community groups, and employees as professional development training in the workplace. Collaborative Discussion Coaches offer uniquely tailored certificate programs designed for the needs of their audiences.

What is a Collaborative Discussion Certificate Program?

Certificate programs are designed by coaches to fit the needs of their group. However, all certificate programs share some common characteristics. They are all based on the IF pedagogical approach which prioritizes practice (learning by doing) and guided reflection. Unlike traditional learning models, the IF approach centers the expertise of those who are in the room and turns toward what is already known in the group before diving deeper into additional resources and external knowledge.

Participants who earn a certificate in collaborative discussion will be able to

  1. Better understand Collaborative Discussion and its benefits

  2. Express how they show up and present themselves in Collaborative Discussions

  3. Adopt Collaborative Discussion habits and support these habits in others

  4. Recognize and address Collaborative Discussion challenges and help groups move forward together 

  5. Address concerns and harness opportunities with others that will help shape community outcome


Participants who earn a certificate in collaborative discussion will receive

A congratulations email from the Interactivity Foundation which will include

  1. A personalized certificate of completion 

  2. Instructions for claiming their digital badge in Collaborative Discussion 

  3. Invitation to join online IF Community Conversation events to practice their collaborative discussion skills

Certificate Program Requirements

  • Offered by a certified IF Collaborative Discussion Coach

  • Includes at least eight activities from the CDP Toolkit, intentionally sequenced with a common theme and learning objective (approximately 10 hours of practice)

  • Concludes with a final project or wrap up

  • Certificate program participants complete a post-program survey and coaches complete a program reflection

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