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Featured Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are designed to build collaborative intelligence (CQ). They are offered by trained Collaborative Discussion Coaches in classrooms, communities and workplaces. These are just some of the programs that have been offered in classrooms and on campuses, either as standalone certificates or integrated into existing courses & programs.


Student Facilitation Training, Emory Conversation Project, Lydia Smith, Emory University
Student Facilitation and Leadership Trainings, Cuda Zmuda, JMU
Data Science MA Student Advisory Group, Jess Beverly, University of Virginia 
NCC Civic Engagement Committee Training (faculty, staff & students)
, Susan Cushman, SUNY


Navigating Crucial Conversations, First Year Seminar, Sovi Herring, Duquesne University
Liberal Arts Immersion Summer Program, Sara Drury, Wabash University



Introduction to Psychology, Jessica Traylor, Gordon State College
Social Work in Communities, Jessica Friedrichs, Carlow University
The Experience of Mental Health in NC, Megan Smith, UNC Charlotte
Sociology & Trauma, Megan Smith, UNC Charlotte
Loneliness (Grad), Megan Smith, UNC Charlotte


Human Relations and Technology, Jessalyn Vallade, University of Kentucky
Collaborative Discussion in Public Discourse, Rekha Sharma, Kent State University
Listening, Laurie Lewis, University of Texas San Antonio

Group Communication and Discussion, Nance Heise, Texas A&M University
Facilitating Collaborative Governance of Public Problems (Grad), Lori Britt, JMU
Collaborative Discussion Program, Kara Dillard, JMU
SCOM Facilitation Public and Organizational Processes, Lori Britt & Kara Dillard, JMU
Small Group Discussion, Kirsten Isgro, SUNY Plattsburgh
Certificate in Collaboration, Timothy Ball, JMU


Communications Quantitative Methods, John Gastil, Penn State University
Democratic Deliberation, John Gastil, Penn State University
People, Power, Change: Leadership as a Practice, Taiyi Sun, Christopher Newport University


Application of Collaborative Discussions on Advanced Research Methods on Tourism, Alkida Hasaj, University of Shkoder “Luigj Gurakuqi”, Albania
Certificate in Collaborative Discussion, Shannon Wheatley Hartman, College Unbound

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