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Support for Coaches & FAQs

The Interactivity Foundation offers regular check-ins, 1-on-1 consultations, debriefings, & opportunities to connect and learn with other collaborative discussion coaches.

Recognition & Support for Certificates

Share with us about certificates you are offering and/or request our support by completing the Certificate Program Information Form. We can:

Recognize & showcase your program

  • ​By sharing this information with us, we can showcase your program on this CDP website.

  • We may also reach out to you to discuss the possibility of crafting an impact story to feature you as a coach and your program in our newsletters, websites, and social media.


Help promote and recruit participants for your program

  • Provide a template for crafting a program description for promotion that you can edit & share back with us.

  • Provide a template for a registration form (Google Form) that you can edit & use to collect registrations.

  • List your program on the CDP website calendar as an event with its own event page that has the description you provided and the link to the registration form for potential participants to register for your program.

  • Promote your call for registrations in our newsletters, on social media, and and possibly other umbrella platforms for amplification.

Monthly Community of Practice Gatherings

These gatherings create a space for members to learn and connect with others in the Collaborative Discussion Community. They will include time to

  • Network: An opportunity to share about your projects and hear about other members’ projects

  • Discuss: Engaging conversations on democracy and the dialogue/deliberation field

  • Workshop: Exploring best practices for designing a certificate program and/or incorporating toolkit activities in projects or courses

Stipend Support for Innovative Certificates

You can apply for the Innovative Certificate Program Stipend Support.

  • Please complete the form and follow the instructions.

  • This funding is available to certificate programs offered in various settings, including in a classroom, library, community or workplace.

You can also reach out to us by completing the contact form or join our monthly community gatherings to explore other possible streams of support.​

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am a Collaborative Discussion Coach and I would like to offer a certificate program. What do I need to do?

If you have completed a Coach Training, you can offer a free certificate program, for example within a classroom, on campus, in your community, at your workplace, or as professional development training. If you want to check in to make sure that your design meets the requirements, don't hesitate to reach out. We are happy to provide consultation and support before, during, and after your program.

Requirements for IF Certificate Programs:

  • Create a Member Account on the CDP website. Creating a member account will allow you access to certificate program templates, coach only resources and the certificate program information form. The link to sign up for a member account will be shared with you once you successfully complete a coach training and become a coach.

  • All certificate programs must include 8 toolkit activities and conclude with a final project or wrap up. The activities need to be intentionally sequenced with a common theme and learning objective (about 10 hours of practice). It is not enough to introduce the concept of the activity. All programs must implement and practice at least 8 activities from the toolkit. You are encouraged to adapt, modify, or combine activities to fit the needs of your group. Be sure to practice the activity in good faith (don't skip the debriefing questions).

  • Towards the conclusion of each program, please administer or complete the following assessments. Please email Ritu or Shannon for the links.

    • Participant Retrospective Survey (Assessment 1). This will help us to collect feedback from participants across programs and evaluate the learning goals of our activities. Please ask only participants who successfully complete your program to fill out this survey.

    • Coach Reflection (Assessment 2). Please complete the CDP Coach Certificate Program Reflection form within 2 weeks of offering your certificate program. 

    • We welcome additional debriefing with coaches. You can find all assessments on the Assessments page.

  • Awarding Certificates. All participants who complete the Participant Retrospective Survey will automatically receive a congratulations email with their certificate of completion attached and instructions to claim their digital badge. So, please only provide this link to successful participants. Sample certificates and emails can be viewed on the Coach Only Resources page.

  • Coach Recognition. As coaches, you will automatically receive an email with your letter of recognition attached when you complete the Coach Reflection form

2) I am a coach and I would like to offer a certificate program in collaborative discussion and charge for participation. Can I do this? 

This is a possibility that we are exploring. Please submit the Certificate Program Information Form indicating your program is paid and we will reach out to you by email to discuss next steps.

3) I am a coach and I would like to offer coach trainings to certify others as coaches. Can I do this? 

No. IF Collaborative Discussion Coaches are certified to only offer certificate programs. As a coach, you cannot offer coach trainings on your own and certify others as coaches. In order to offer coach trainings, you need to be an IF Trainer. Invitation only Train the Trainer workshops are forthcoming and experienced coaches who are interested in becoming a trainer will be invited to these workshops.

Have more questions? Ideas for collaboration?

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