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The Collaborative Discussion Project

How do we work together to solve problems? How do we support creative, culturally responsive, and critically engaged group discussions? Which skills, behaviors, and habits are most important for developing groups that can work together to address local, regional, or even global problems? How do we work better together to make our communities stronger?

In partnership with a team of educational and community-based partners, the Interactivity Foundation (IF) has created a Collaborative Discussion Toolkit and Certificate Program in Collaborative Discussion.

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The Collaborative Discussion Toolkit

The Collaborative Discussion Toolkit is an open access resource designed by educators and community practitioners. It includes 50+ learning activities, each designed to intentionally develop collaborative discussion skills in areas of creativity, criticality, cultural responsiveness, and civic engagement. Each activity follows a similar learning loop: Practice - Reflection - Learning - Practice - Reflection - Learning - Practice - Reflection - Learning. 

The learning activities are designed to be incorporated into most classrooms (regardless of discipline) or community workshops. They can be used singularly or as a collection. We encourage folks to peruse the modules, select activities based on desired learning outcomes, and modify the activity to fit the intended audience. These activities are designed to be adapted.

For those who would like to dive deeper into this material and intentionally thread together and layer activities to create a more substantial learning experience, we encourage you to check out our Certificate Program in Collaborative Discussion.

Certificates in Collaborative Discussion

The Interactivity Foundation offers a Certificate in Collaborative Discussion which recognizes a core set of skills necessary for productive group discussion. Students and community members can earn this certificate by participating in a certificate program designed and offered by an IF Collaborative Discussion Coach. These customized certificate programs offer a curated learning experience using activities assembled from the Collaborative Discussion Toolkit.

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Contact Us

Want to learn more? Have ideas for collaboration? Email the Interactivity Foundation's Education Director, Shannon Wheatley Hartman, at

Interactivity Foundation Office

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